Bill Gates was once quoted saying “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”. A company’s very ethos, especially customer-facing ones, should be of striving to meet the customers’ every need. Customer Service teams serve as the backbone of every company because, without the customers, there is no company. PR and customer reviews […]

Getting Your Money’s Worth – Is A POS System Really Worth The Investment?

Ever wondered how companies keep up with their sales and inventory despite the bustling and jostling crowd, especially during promotions? Increasingly, more companies are starting to adopt a POS system to help manage their businesses as they continue to expand. A Point-Of-Sale (POS) system is one that allows businesses to complete purchases, record sales data […]

The Push for Digitalisation

During the Smart Nation Summit in 2019, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong strongly emphasised the importance of embracing and utilising science and technology in Singapore.  “People must not be anti-tech or anti-science, because that would hold back progress and be the end of us.”  Evidently, the government is strongly pushing for the digitalisation of the […]

Why you should care about the Budget 2021

Money was tight in several households in Singapore and thus the government has rolled out several monetary initiatives. Thus, this would help Singaporeans combat the brunt of the pandemic by tapping on our reserves. Some of these initiatives are the Stabilization and Support Package, the Resilience Package and the Solidarity Package. These initiatives have softened […]

How Government Support Schemes Can Improve Your Business Efficiency

While most companies are aware of the need for continued digitalisation, many still lack the ability to transform their businesses. This is due to the lack of manpower and resources. In fact, 3 in 5 companies shared the same sentiments that digitalisation is necessary to overcome the impact of COVID-19. However, only 7 in 10 […]

3 Digital Solutions Retailers Need To Adopt

Singapore’s retail business was one of the many industries that was greatly affected by the global pandemic. Today, many businesses are adopting different IT and digital solutions so that they can improve their business efficiency and grow their business. There are so many different technological solutions in the market. Thus, it can be tough to […]