Empowering SMEs with IMDA Better Data Driven Business (BDDB) Programme

Data is the new currency. EPOS has leveraged heavily on the power of data harvesting and AI to develop EPOS’ proprietary data analytics modules. The latest implementation of our initiatives to empower our customers towards digitalisation is our partnership with IMDA to introduce Better Data Driven Business (BDDB) programme to help our customers gain deeper […]

EPOS UI Transformation with IMDA PIXEL UI/UX Programme


At EPOS, we have always envisioned our product to have a modern look and feel. However, SME clients are a practical lot; and since we have always prioritized them, our solution leans more towards practicality rather than sleekness. EPOS functionality is unparalleled in the industry after years of consistent software development, fine-tuning and polishing. It […]

Interview with Kingsmen Gentlemen’s Grooming

Address: 30 Raffles Place, #02-12 Change Alley Mall, SingaporeInterviewer: EPOS Marketing TeamInterviewee: Aman Khan (The owner of Kingsmen) About Kingsmen Gentlemen’s Grooming As one of our loyal customers, Kingsmen is a traditional barbershop, which provides luxury grooming services for men. The owner, Aman, came out the idea because he could hardly find an “all-in-one” barbershop […]

What’s Happening To POS Companies Now In This Volatile World?

The Current COVID-19 Situation The recent spiralling number of COVID-19 cases has been a cause of worry, putting numerous Singaporeans on ‘knife’s edge’. Many feel vexed over the re-tightening of COVID-19 measures including the cap of 2 people for social gatherings. Working amid the pandemic can be daunting to many. This is largely due to […]

EPOS has been featured as the best POS provider in Singapore

In our 12 years of establishment, EPOS has served over 4000 satisfied clients. Our strong track record and reliability was recognised at the SME Go Digital Partner Appreciation Evening, where EPOS was acknowledged as Singapore’s top Point-Of-Sales vendor. Recently, EPOS has been featured on Digitalsolutions Singapore as one of the best POS providers in Singapore. They are Singapore’s […]